I decided to add Spray Tanning to New Path Studio’s list of services after seeing several clients coming in to get solar lentigos lasered from their faces and body parts that have been exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Spray Tanning gives you the opportunity to get a natural looking tan, for all those special occasions, that you want to look your best for without causing damage to your skin.

love spray tanning at New Path studio
Spray Tanning in Olds, AB

At New Path Studio we use a tanning solution that has no alcohols, preservatives, oils, parabens, perfumes, or odours and is 100% vegan. The solution is infused with botanicals like organic Aloe Vera, organic Green Tea and natural Coconut, providing vitamins A, C & E with skin calming and rebuilding nutrients. All tanning solutions use Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) as this is what reacts with the skin’s proteins found in the top layers of the skin to give the brown tanning effect. The tanning solution we use has the purest DHA, guaranteeing the most natural looking colors and best overall results.

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